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Closed technology

Through our subsidiary company, Botngaard System, we have developed seabased closed containment systems. Among the different systems, you will find:

  • Closed holding cages for slaughteries
  • Semi-closed cages for post smolt
  • Closed systems for large salmon

These concepts gives the following advantages:

  • Can be customised to the requirements of the site, production strategy and capacity
  • Gives you control of the water quality of the cage.
  • Improves the conditions in the cage and increases the possibilities for growth compared to in an open cage
  • Protects the fish against sea lice, other parasites and infections from the surroundings
  • Reduces the interaction between farmed and wild salmon
  • Reduces the emission of waste and the total burden of the site
  • Simple, robust and safe to operate


For further enquiries contact:

Magnus Stendal

Managing Director

Botngaard System AS

+47 980 39 701


Read more about our closed systems (Norwegian Only)  



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