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Fresh water basin

Enough water when you need it...


Sea lice do not like fresh water and stay below the freshwater layer that spring flood creates in the fjords. Use of freshwater bathing treatments have given good results. The challenge has been capacity of well boats and access to sufficient amounts of fresh water.

When it comes to the use of fresh water to treat fish against AGD it is at least as effective as hydrogen peroxide. The advantage of fresh water is that it is gentler for both the fish and the environment.

With a fresh water basin you can save time and money. A wellboat will use 1.5 hours to fill 1800 m³ from the basin. It is enough water in one O=120m basin to fill three wellboats with 1800 m³. The wellboat will spend 4-6 hours to fill directly from a freshwater source.

The basin will be produced in the desired size after surveying the needs and specifications at each site. The design of our freshwater basin is calculated and quality assured by recognized professionals.



  • Mounted on an existing cage. O=90-130m
  • Can also be fitted on square cages
  • Volume = 4000-10 000m³
  • PVC material, welded
  • 100% water tight
  • System for overflow to prevent overfilling


Botngaard has delivered to: NRS Feøy, Marine Harvest Scotland & Norway and Lerøy Norway.


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