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Closed technology

Botngaard have worked on the development of closed cage systems since 2010. We have developed a flexible tarp-based concept for closing existing cages at sea. This is the most cost-effective way to build closed production units at sea. We have delivered closed cages from 2500 cubic to 8000 cubic meters.

We will continue our innovative venture on closed systems and will continue to develop existing products and introduce new ones in the years to come. We believe in cooperation with the best and have been the driving force for the last 5 years to create a well-functioning development team consisting of farmers, equipment suppliers and R & D environment.

We are very interested in closed cages and work with contracts with several other players in the industry. Among our customers you'll find Bolaks, Måsøval and Cermaq. This shows that closed systems at sea are part of the future in salmon production.


We have during the last five years developed sea based closed containment systems. Among the different systems, you will find:

The Kindergarden
Semi-closed cages for post smolt -

The Retirement Home
Closed systems for large salmon -

The Harvesting Cage
Closed holding cages for slaughteries -


These concepts gives the following advantages:

  • Can be customised to the requirements of the site, production strategy and capacity
  • Gives you control of the water quality of the cage.
  • Improves the conditions in the cage and increases the possibilities for growth compared to in an open cage
  • Protects the fish against sea lice, other parasites and infections from the surroundings
  • Reduces the interaction between farmed and wild salmon
  • Reduces the emission of waste and the total burden of the site
  • Simple, robust and safe to operate



For further enquiries contact:

Magnus Stendal

Manager System Deliveries

+47 980 39 701




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