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Botngaard have since its foundation in 2009 introduced five product concepts to the fish farming market. All product concepts have been the result of R & D projects that have been initiated and carried out in collaboration with farmers; other equipment suppliers and research institutions.


Concept R & D  Project Partners Period

Delousing tarp

Delousing with the use of a closed tarp & medicin SINTEF, FHF, complementary suppliers and fish farming companies 2010-2014
Perma skirt Permanent lice skirt to prevent sea lice entering the cage Sinkaberg-Hansen, SalmoNor, Ellingsen Seafood, Lingalaks, Aqualine, Storvik Aqua, Xylem, Yara, Sintef, Veterinarian institute (N) and Marine Research Institute (N) 2012-2014
Fresh water basin Holding fresh water for treatment NRS Feøy, Harald Tronstad (PhD), Studsgaard 2015
Closed holding cage Seabased closed containment for Kråkøy salmon slaughtery Xylem, Storvik Aqua, Aquastructures, Sintef, Kråkøy salmon slaughtery  2013-2015
Closed cage for post-smolt Seabased closed containment Smøla hatchery, Sintef, Aqualine, Xylem 2012-2015


We will continue our focus on innovation and will in the future continue to develop existing products and introduce new ones. We believe in cooperation with the best. Botngaard have been a driving force for creating well-functioning development teams composed of fish farmers, complimenting suppliers and R & D institutions.


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